I Love You—Piggyback Your Content to Notable Days & Headlines (Part 2)

Today’s a great opportunity for your organization to be relevant, by communicating the right message to your network at the right place and time. Catching these open-minded moments is the way to be relevant, and relevance rules in 2012.

Leveraging a news item or special day by connecting your organization’s issues and impact to it (authentically, not manipulatively) is a tried-and-true nonprofit marketing strategy with high ROI (return on investment). And if it’s too late for today—read right here to prep for St. Patrick’s Day or April Fool’s Day.
Piggybacking on Valentine’s Day is an absolute no-brainer for human services organization, as the person-to-person element a crystal clear point of connection. But here’s how some other organization’s are doing some creative piggybacking.

  1. I laughed hard on the email I received from NYU’s Stern School of Business (got my MBA there), with the subject line, “Happy Valentine’s Day – enjoy this year’s Stern Sweethearts!” The email featured the sixth annual installment of the soap opera Stern Sweethearts, a profile of couples who met while at Stern.  Believe me when I tell you that when you earn a degree at night, while holding down a full-time job, you don’t see anyone but whomever you live with, and colleagues at work and school. I don’t feel very connected to Stern, but this email made me feel much more so. Relevance rules!
  2. Another winner is NPR’s annual set of online Valentine’s Day cards for fans to share with their loved ones. This campaign does a great job of reinforcing loyalty—each card refers to a program host or other reference. When you get it, you feel like a real insider and that’s a magic feeling. Even better, NPR uses this campaign to share its appreciation of its funders, as in this card thanking the MacArthur Foundation. Effective creativity!

Read this guide to ensure your organization catches the next open-minded moment.

BTW, it’s not that Valentine’s Day is meaningful, although the Generosity Day movement is striving to morph it to incorporate some much-needed meaning. But it’s fun and ever present, so use it.

How does your organization connect its communications to stories, news and events that are top of mind for your target audiences? Please share your experiences and recommendations here.

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