Treat Donors as Partners to Build Long-Term Giving — A Child’s Right Does It Right

Take a look right now at this outstanding example of showing it (not saying it) from a child’s right (acr)!

There’s nothing more effective in building and strengthening relationships with donors, prospects and other supporters than showing their impact (via your org’s, of course). A child’s right does a fantastic job of it with its new project database, Proving It.  Prospects and supporters can dig into each location’s story as deeply as they wish — down to the number of children served by each water supply they install, photos of the kids and where acr is in its project in each location. It’s the long-distance version of a behind-the-scenes experience for your supporters.

In fact, the organization uses the introduction of this new reporting tool to firmly position its donors as investors and true partners, promising them a clear, timely look at the results of their investment on a long-term basis–including its failures (which nonprofits frequently talk about in theory, but seldom share in practice) and how acr rectifies them.

In doing so, they clarify donor understanding that the installation of a water system is just the first step, and that acr’s commitment to monitoring that system for greatest effectiveness over the next decade is far more important. In educating supporters, and in assuring them that they’ll see problems as soon as the acr team does, and be right there to witness the fixes and results, acr treats them like true partners — there for the long term with all the ups and downs.

Your donation is both a gift and an investment. We believe you should be able to track it, measure its long-range return and value, then watch for sustainability. This isn’t easy — but we’re committed to taking it on.

a child’s right has developed the most effective and comprehensive monitoring service we can dream up. If a system fails, we learn quickly — and so do you. When we fix it, we will let you know. When we fail, we’ll tell the truth. We’ll share what we’re learning and move forward together.

Invest. Track. Evaluate.

A child’s right’s communications strategy here seems as genuine to me as it is compelling. And I’m sure it will succeed in transforming donors into long-term partners and investors!

How does your organization engage your supporters in your daily work, successes and failures? Please share your experiences here.

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