Eight Ingredients for Perfect Pitch Are Recipe for PR Success

Publicity Hound Joan Stewart recently blogged on the eight key elements of the perfect pitch. And since I’m a big believer in passing on the best content to you (one of my core blogging tasks is to scour the universe for content to bring back to Getting Attention readers), here they are, directly from the Hound’s mouth:

  1. A compelling, not cute, subject line
  2. No more than one screen of type
  3. Mentioning a specific section of the newspaper or magazine, or a specific part of a TV or radio show, where your story would be a good fit. This lets them know you are familiar with what they cover.
  4. Just enough information about the story so that journalists want more
  5. Why people should care or why the story is important. (Quote statistics or mention a trend.)
  6. "Extras" that will score you points such as offering photos or information for graphics. Or letting journalists know you can provide names and contact information of other people who they can interview.
  7. No attachments. But you can link to a website where they can find more information.
  8. No mass emails. Send separate emails to each journalist and address them by name.

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Nancy Schwartz in Media Relations and Press, Nonprofit Communications | 0 comments

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