Email Deliverability Issues Bigger than Ever as Nonprofit Postal Rate Hike Increases Email Volume

As you probably know, postal rates are on the way up again. The USPS is telling us that postal rates are due to increase to the following levels on January 8, 2006:

  • First class letter – .39 cents (up from .37)
  • Postcard – .24 cents (up from .23)
  • Bulk mail – up 3%
  • ECR (enhanced carrier route) mail – up 5.5%
  • Non-profit ECR mail – up 12.3%

Many nonprofit communicators concerned with postage costs have already made substantial shifts into online and email, but there are many who haven’t. However, this 2006 rate hike is likely to push more nonprofits to make that shift. And, as a result, ensuring email deliverability will be more challenging, and more critical, than ever for nonprofit organizations.

Since many nonprofits are now use email for transactional purposes such as donation receipts (especially for online donations) and program registration confirmations, as well as to drive advocacy campaigns and update audiences on organizational news, the specter of emails that don’t get through looms very large. Nonprofits simply have to do whatever they can to make sure as many emails as possible get through to their audiences.

A recent Marketing Sherpa article on the postal increase offers some interesting suggestions for ensuring that your nonprofit’s email communications are delivered.

  • Test your email prior to sending (by sending it to email addresses at all the big domains including AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo; running it through a spam tester and revising accordingly; and other tactics).
  • Make sure your email distribution program lets you know which emails do not reach the recipient.
  • When a critical email doesn’t get through, utilize a quick-print system (whether an automated Print-on-Demand system or an employee printing out a letter to be sent by mail) to reach those recipients whose emails haven’t gone through.

Great tips on maximizing your nonprofit’s email deliver rate, and using the postal service as efficiently as possible.

Get even more proactive in ensuring email deliverability by taking the steps outlined in this Getting Attention e-news article–Avoiding Filters – 11 Tips for E-Newsletter Success

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