Everybody’s Talking About You–Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Listen, and Listen Hard

Everybody's talking about your nonprofit. Just do a Google search on your organization's name and you'll see what I mean. Your own nonprofit's website is likely to show up, but so will lots of blog posts, comments on other sites and blogs, and other online content — all written by your stakeholders.

What this means is that you can't continue to operate via your traditional "brand-to-audience" communications model. Your nonprofit needs to recognize how the information/communications environment has changed (to conversation and community), and redirect your marketing efforts accordingly. Or, as online communications guru Pete Blackshaw says,  "it's all about  bonding, not branding."

Read the full article to learn how your audiences are grabbing the mike, and why your nonprofit needs to care (and respond).

Nancy Schwartz in Branding and Messages, Nonprofit Communications, Strategy, Web 2.0 | 4 comments

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