Extend Your Org’s Reach — At No Cost

Extend Your Org's Reach -- At No Cost

I’m a big proponent of engaging your base to increase the impact of your communications (and impact). Communications-wise, help usually takes one of two forms: spreading the word (engaging their networks) or advising your org on how best to engage folks like them.

Engaging your supporters, the folks who love your work the best, to engage their networks (a.k.a. viral marketing) is a no-brainer. But it’s incredible how rarely this tactic is used effectively. Here’s a great example of an org that’s working it to the max:

  1. The Communications Network, a membership organization for communications professionals working for or with grantmakers, has a conference coming up.
  2. The group, and the conference, are small in size. Even so, many of the attendees won’t know each other. And, conference content has value for a far larger group of nonprofit communicators.
  3. To ensure that the value extends beyond the four walls of the conference itself, and to weave connections among attendees who don’t know each other, the Com Network recruited and trained its Gorilla Engagement Squad to tweet, blog and video on the gathering.
  4. Lots of fun, no cost, broader and deeper reach!

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