Follow Care2’s Guidance for Better-Than-Ever Year-End Fundraising

Follow Care2's Guidance for Better-Than-Ever Year-End FundraisingWaiting until the last minute to shop for holiday presents is one thing, but your organization can’t afford to wait any longer for donations! Especially since as many as 98 percent of visitors to organizations’ “donate pages” leave before making a donation.

If you still haven’t read The Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising from Care2’s Eric Rardin and Heather Holdridge, now’s the time to stop delaying and snag some of those last-minute donations.

The Guide is based on best available wisdom on how to design your Web presence to maximize giving and broadly how to connect with new supporters, and continue communications year-round to cement the strongest relationships with donors. Follow these clear and concrete action steps to increase the
percentage of visitors to your donate page who actually complete a gift

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