Follow The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Example to Start 2007 with a Bang

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) brought 2006 to a smashing close with its annual wrap-up of "The Year in Research." This summary — so short you can’t resist a look — was released through the Foundation’s e-alert mailing lists, and picked up by many news outlets.

But don’t despair, you’re not too late to capitalize on the new year (yet another example of how you can use what’s happening in the world to link into with your organization’s news to increase relevance and readers). Your organization can herald the year to come with a similar summary of what you’ve been working on, and where you’re going in 2007.

Make it pithy, and make it an annual event. Here are some more tips based on the RWJF model:

  • There’s nothing like the list format. It’s easily scanned, and easy to remember.
  • Include only top level information in the press release and main Web page, but link to more detail for those who are interested.
  • Use a number to promote the information. There’s something about the 10 best or 7 goals that entrances readers at a personal level. RWJF has selected the 10 research standouts from the last year. Caveat — Don’t go past 10.
  • Frame your summary list with some context on your nonprofit’s issue focus, and the unique contribution that your organization makes to that issue arena. Never forget this critical branding, which reinforces your organizational identity, while lending more meaning to the wrap up.

Let me know (via the Comments field below) if your organization has released a 2006 wrap up or a 2007 what’s next. I’ll share it with Getting Attention readers.

Thanks to 79 Grant-Writing Resources You Can’t Live Without for the tip.

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