For Best Results, Find A Graphic Designer Who’s A Decent Writer

You know all that copy that goes on your website, in your brochures and in your nonprofit’s emails?  Who’s writing it? Derek Powazek explains why it’s important for web (and print too, as I see it)  designers to sharpen up their writing skills. And in his web article “Calling All Designers: Learn to Write,” Powazek asserts that designers should start considering themselves as “creators of experiences.” And that includes content as well as design.

Powazek asserts that any designer who prides himself on really creating the user experience for that blog or brochure has to be concerned with the content too. And recommends that you ask prospective designers what they like to read. Maybe even give them a crack at writing your brochure intro or website About page.

Any GA readers using designers who can write or edit? Let me know.

More about strengthening your graphic design here:

Nancy Schwartz in Copywriting, Graphic Design, Nonprofit Communications | 7 comments

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