Free Guide: Top Nonprofit Marketing To-Dos for 1st 100 Days…and Beyond

Free Guide Top Nonprofit Marketing To-Dos for 1st 100 Days...and BeyondNonprofit Marketing Guide Kivi Leroux Miller has just released this free map to the first 100 days of your new marketing job. But don’t ignore it if you’ve been there more than 100 days — it’s full of great advice for every nonprofit communicator.

Kivi and her friends in the field outline 100 should-dos for the first 100 days of starting your new job…or the next 100 days. These tips have lasting value.

Here are a few of my favorites from Kivi’s guide, and my suggestions on how to use them day 101 and forward:

  • Kivi says: Review the organization’s 12-month calendar to learn key “lifecycle” events
    • Post 100 days: Review colleague orgs’ calendars, and legislative and editorial calendars to find ways to hook your org’s news into other news.
  • Kivi says: Try to understand why your supporters care.
    • Post 100 days: Talk to your network, not just occasionally but on a regular basis, to learn what’s crucial to them, their perceptions of your orgs. etc. Surveys, focus groups, ad-hoc advisory board…
  • Kivi says: Volunteer for a non-marketing project…to show you’re a team player.
    • Post 100 days: Engage non-marketing colleagues in your marketing work to capture their perspectives and information, especially program staff (also helps build buy in).

Dive in today for 100 ways to strengthen your marketing agenda — whether it’s your 15th day or your 15th year.

P.S. It’s likely those 100 days will reveal a huge messaging gap between your org and your supporters. Close it with an effective tagline. Download the free Nonprofit Tagline Report for must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 1,000+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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