Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – Feb 18, 2011

Compelling opportunities for nonprofit communicators keep rolling in, and I’m thrilled about it. Marketing is too often first to be slashed when budgets are cut. Of course that means your organization has no way to regain lost ground, but not everyone gets that.

To do what I can to help these organizations move their missions forward, I’ll feature relevant positions in my new Friday (when there are jobs open) series — Friday Futures-Nonprofit Marketing Jobs. I’ll be setting up a form where you can submit your positions but for the time being, please email them to me. If space allows, I’ll supplement what you send me with other great opportunities I hear about.

1) Director of Communications, The Center for Effective PhilanthropyNot only does the Center do important work. It’s developed a great tagline (Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Philanthropy.) Always great to start a new job from a position of strength.

2) Communications Associate, American Federation of Teachers – A compelling challenge for someone with five or so years experience but eager to do a lot more, quickly.

3) Assistant Director of Print Communications, Drew University – Drew is just 15 minutes away from me and a gorgeous campus. This is an ideal position for the print fanatic and yes, I know there are still some around.

4) Communications Coordinator, Bicycle Coalition – This is a great opportunity for the newer communicator with just a few years experience, and you can ride your bike to work (in Philly).

Do let me know if you’re hiring! I’m glad to share nonprofit communications job and internship opportunities with the Getting Attention community. Just email me!

I am taking a brief hiatus but will be back with more jobs on March 11.

P.S. Learn how to strengthen your nonprofit’s messaging with the all-new Nonprofit Tagline Database and 2011 Tagline Report.

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