Distressing Disconnect—INSIDE Your Org! (Part One)

FullOrgCommsTrendsInfographicSurprising, distressing but all too true!

According to findings released in the latest Nonprofit Communications Report, one of your greatest challenges to communications effectiveness is the difference in priorities and perspectives held by us (as marketers) versus those of our “closest” colleagues—our executive director and fundraising colleagues.

Take a look at these disconnects in goals and preferred tactics:

  • 65% of communications staff, but just 44% of development staff, feel responsible for community engagement goals
  • Just 12% of communications staff, but 72% of development staff, feel directly responsible for fundraising goals
  • Development staff (along with communications directors) than EDs value YouTube, while EDs value LinkedIn more (than you and the fundraising folks).

As a consultant who’s been the fly on the wall in so many organizations, I’ve come to see such radical internal disconnects to be the norm. And that’s a norm that sabotages communications and fundraising impact for every organization blighted by disconnects.

But in most organizations, the existence of the gap and what the conflicts are—must-knows for organizational success fundraising and beyond—remain hidden, and dangerous. Because each one of those players (fundraising, communications and your ED) assumes the others are on the same page, and acts accordingly.

That kind of parallel play doesn’t just make a mess inside your organization, it makes for messy messages delivered to the people who we need to engage for help. And makes it far less likely they’ll do so.

Watch for Part Two, where I’ll guide you to close this devilish gap.

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