Get Ready, Get Set, Go — Help Your Supporters Make You an America’s Giving Challenge Winner of $50,000

Get Ready, Get Set, Go -- Help Your Supporters Make You an America's Giving Challenge Winner of $50,000Hot off the press is this exciting news about the latest Case Foundation innovation to engage individuals in what I call "distributed giving."  It used to be that you had to be a billionaire to change the world. Case and friends think otherwise and have launched America’s Giving Challenge to prove it. Sort of a social networking model of philanthropy.

The Foundation and Parade Magazine are joining together here to motivate citizens to act to spread the word (and $) on causes they’re passionate about, and challenge them to advocate for their causes to inspire others to give. Eight winning orgs (those with the greatest number of unique donations) will each receive $50,000.

So your challenge — as a prospective recipient of this haul — is to ensure your audiences are aware of the Challenge, and know how to make your org a winner. Make it easy for them to make your organization a winner.

Here’s how it works:

Who can participate:
Anyone with access to the Internet, a willingness to try something new, and the passion and commitment to advocate on behalf of a cause they care about. The entire Challenge is designed to take place online, involving the use of such everyday activities as e-mailing, blogging, and social networking.

To “champion a cause” you must be a legal U.S. resident aged 13 years or older. Anyone can donate to a cause using a valid credit card or other form of payment accepted by our donation processing partners Network for Good and GlobalGiving.

How it works:
There are two ways to get involved:

  • Champion a Cause and have the chance to get $50,000 for the charity of your choice. The eight individuals whose charity badges attract the most unique donors through the America’s Giving Challenge will get $50,000 for their cause.
  • Give to a Cause and help the charity you care about get $1,000. The 100 nonprofits with the greatest number of unique donations made to them through America’s Giving Challenge will each get $1,000.

The Challenge begins December 13 at 3pm EST and will close January 31 at 3pm EST. Get ready, get set, go!

P.S. I adore and respect The Case Foundation for its ongoing focus on imaginative strategies to engage citizens to go beyond individual giving to raise money for the causes they care about. Another great example is the Foundation’s Make it  Your Own Awards program.

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