Prep Today for #GivingTuesday 2017

#GivingTuesdayIt’s #GivingTuesday 2016, the best day to do vital prep work for #GivingTuesday 2017.

Whether your organization is a passionate participant or still weighing joining the movement, you have lots to learn from watching colleague and competitive organizations execute their #GivingTuesday campaigns. Even if you decide to stay on the sidelines—maintaining focus on year-end—you’ll know what your prospects are seeing post-Thanksgiving each year so that you can shape your campaign accordingly.

Take these three steps now, concentrating on other organizations that your donors support and those in your cause or programmatic arena:

  1. Read and save ALL Giving Tuesday emails you receive. Note email timing (I started receiving #GivingTuesday emails the Saturday before this year) and how organizations use email series to build engagement and sequence calls to action.
  2. Find Giving Tuesday asks for these same organizations on social channels. Start with Facebook, which is heavily used for Giving Tuesday fundraising. Save screenshots for future reference. Observe whether organizations message consistently across channels. Consistency boosts recognition and shares. Strive for it.
  3. Give to three to seven Giving Tuesday campaigns, then harvest all follow-up communications. Note how recipient organizations engage you further (or not) to motivate you to give again or participate with them as a volunteer, attendee, or otherwise. Donor retention is our common goal, and a one-off, date-driven campaign like Giving Tuesday presents a significant retention challenge. You’re likely to find useful retention models in follow-ups to your gifts as well (and some clear don’ts).

Giving Tuesday “really works for us,” reports Lindsay Groff, executive director of the Barth Syndrome Foundation  (BSF), which nailed its 2015 Giving Tuesday campaign.

“We did it! In ONE DAY, BSF raised $35,217. We did it together, and we did it with LOVE. Most of our #GivingTuesday asks are made via Facebook, supplemented by one e-appeal on Giving Tuesday morning. This is one day when we use our small size to our advantage, and get our entire community involved. Our families get excited that they can help, even with small donations,” says Lindsay.

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