Greenpeace Blogs On Year-Long Fight To Save The Oceans

Pirates do exist! Think those who fish illegally rather than Captain Hook. And Greenpeace is fighting, hard, to rid the seas of these pirates. And documenting their campaign via a mini-blog.

In April 2005, a Greenpeace team embarked on a year-long voyage on two boats (both equipped with inflatable dinghies for interventions), setting course for a direct confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet on the high seas. The team blogged the story as it unfolded in Undercurrents, including meeting the crew, mapping the trip, and action shots of the Greenpeace crew hindering the whale harvest process.

What a great way to  bring a far-away venture to life for Greenpeace supporters and advocates.  And to motivate those  audiences to give and take action, which they can do with the click of the mouse via the blog.

Certainly Greenpeace’s example is one filled with drama. But the mini-blog is a versatile tool you can use in many other ways to deliver exposure to your nonprofit’s activities and goals over a set period of time. Here are a few ideas on how your nonprofit can put a mini-blog to use:

  • To chronicle construction or renovation — and any changes in traffic patterns, opening hours, etc. — of a new YMCA wing, symphony hall,  hospital ward, research facility, or another capital improvement program.
  • To capture programs in progress — to chronicle the construction of your Habitat for Humanity houses, volunteers building new trials in your adopt-a-park program or the opening of the new new outdoor amphitheater at your museum.
  • To report back on your group’s advocacy effort during the legislative session in your state, recording who’s on board and who’s opposing and who’s on the fence, and dialogue as it evolves throughout the course of the session.

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