Groundspring and Network for Good Merge to Create Nonprofit Tech Powerhouse

The new Network for Good, created in December, 2005 with the merger of Network for Good with with Groundspring, plans to deliver a suite of online fundraising and donor management tools (perhaps something like what Kintera offers?) by summer 2006. And, according to Philanthropy Journal, will customize for nonprofit use the web-based database that already provides for more than 400 nonprofit clients.

This merger makes great sense. Both organizations found themselves working independently with to integrate their tools with its database system, saw other synergies, and decided to become more than the sum of their individual parts. At this point both organizations are maintaining their own brand identities (and websites), but we’ll see how the transition evolves.

So what’s the difference between using a service provided by Network for Good vs. Kintera or  The difference is that Network for Good is a nonprofit organization. What that means is up for grabs (better or worse customer service, understanding of your needs, pricing) but keep your eye on the new Network for Good. Let me know what you learn and I’ll do the same.

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