Halloween How-Tos: Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing

Who-Cares Right-Now Marketing

I’ve seen so many fantastic examples from nonprofits linking what’s top of mind this week (Halloween, for many, if not for all) with their campaigns and orgs. Thanks to Kerri Karvetski for showcasing several strong nonprofit models here.

But many orgs are moving forward with “just do it” Halloween-linked marketing, rather than relevant marketing that deepens understanding of the organization and/or motivates action. And that becomes who-cares, right-now marketing. Here’s what I mean.

Right-Things Right-Now MarketingTake the post (at top left) on the Girl Scouts’ Facebook page yesterday, featuring a safety on halloween graphic. Of course Halloween personal safety is vital, but I’m left unclear what it has to do with the Girl Scouts. It’s not a natural connection, nor do they make that link clear to me. So instead of right-things marketing, this becomes so-what marketing. Do much of this and you’ll lose your supporters’ attention.

Compare that with the pumpkin carving photos (bottom left) featured in the Girl Scouts’ Tuesday Facebook post . This post does convey the passion and enthusiasm of troop members, who brought their passion for Girl Scouting into in their pumpkin carving. It’s an effective way to showcase the dedication and loyalty of the Girl Scout community. Note: The post would be even stronger if it made a direct link between an aspect of the holiday and some element of the Girl Scout brand program or goals. Next time, Girl Scouts?

Make it EASY for your supporters to “get” your holiday tie-ins. Relevance rules, so go supporter-centric to shape your right-things right-now marketing! 

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