Hear Me Out: 3 Quick Steps to Potent Podcasting

Hear Me Out 3 Quick Steps to Potent PodcastingAudio, like video, is a fantastic way to enliven your content and engage your network. A podcast is audio  content that can be downloaded automatically as a one-off or on ongoing, as a series, so listeners can view or listen offline. In most cases, the term “podcast” refers to audio content.

Whatever you call it, podcasting is a great communications tool and one that’s easy to produce. Take these three steps to learn how to use podcasting to engage your base and how to produce the casts:

  1. Watch Podcasting in Plain English, a fast (and fast-paced) intro to the ins and outs of podcasting.
  2. Review this fantastic tutorial from Corey Pudhorodsky at 501c3Cast, an online radio show for nonprofit professionals.
  3. Turn to the the We are Media Podcasting Toolbox for ongoing models, guidelines and ideas on podcasting.

I’m dabbling in podcasting for Nancy Schwartz & Company clients, and have just discovered BlogTalk Radio (thanks to Kivi Leroux Miller), a free, easy-to-use online radio tool. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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