Help Cyclone Survivors in Myanmar — Donate Right Now

Help Cyclone Survivors in Myanmar -- Donate Right NowIt’s shocking to hear the current count (estimated at 50,000100,000) of those dead from last weekend’s fierce cyclone (most from the low-lying delta region), and dismaying to learn that over 40,000 are still missing and almost 2-3 million more (that’s the population of the region hardest hit) wounded and/or without food, water, shelter or fuel. Here’s the latest from The Times (UK).

Worse yet, as you’ve heard, the military junta has been slow to allow aid agencies in to help, only yesterday giving the heads up to these agencies whose staff are still waiting for visas. This delay will only increase the severity of injuries, dehydration and starvation, and the need for help. Even when aid arrives in Myanmar, it will take time to get it distributed in this destroyed rural area.

The Federation of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is already on the ground in Myanmar, and UNICEF and World Vision are en route to provide emergency relief. Help them do as much as possible as quickly as possible to help cyclone survivors in this devastated country.

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