Here’s How a Committed Base Markets Your Org or Cause:

Here's How a Committed Base Markets Your Org or Cause YesWeCarvecomI was delighted to learn about, a funny but powerful pumpkin-carving campaign launched by Obama supporters.

The four imaginative individuals who got this going aren’t campaign staffers, but passionate Obama-ites who brainstormed this delightful way to spread the message via a far-too-commercial holiday.

Now everyone I know is passing this site around, discussing which design to use and planning to deliver an inspiring message on Halloween eve that’ll leave candy corn in the dust. Now that’s a powerful viral marketing base!

Here’s what your org has to have if you want your base to do the same:

  • A clear, inspiring impact in the communities you serve
  • The ability to stay real and reliable, consistent in your org "personality" and presence
  • Strong, iconic messaging (easy to remember, repeat and riff on).

With these three key factors in place, your base will have what it needs to get inspired and spread the word.  Now back to choosing our stencil design….

Tip of the hat to Celeste Wroblewski.

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