Here’s Your Point of Connection — Sell the Issue, then Your Organization

Here's Your Point of Connection -- Sell the Issue, then Your OrganizationAt least at the get go. That’s the most vital takeaway from my Cause Marketing 101 for Nonprofits workshop last week, and one that’s applicable to every communications strategy you use — at least for early passes, and newish audiences.

As session leaders Jay Aldous and Stevan Miller (both brilliant facilitators and cause marketing geniuses with the US Fund for UNICEF) pointed out, the immediate point of connection has to be on the issues. The issues shared by your organization and your audiences (be it a potential cause marketing partner, a prospective donor or board member, or a possible program participant), or their needs that your  organization/products/services can address, are the first point of connection.

Here’s a great UNICEF example, used to develop cause marketing partners for their immunization program. Immunizations don’t have emotional weight, but the right to a healthy childhood does, especially with moms. So UNICEF went after partners in the baby and child product arena (among others). Point of connection made.

Once that connection is made, then jump in with your powerfully succinct summary showing (always stronger than telling) that your organization does it better — is the most effective in addressing those issues, satisfying those needs, with a concrete proof or two.

Jay and Stevan, a million thank yous.  Sometimes the simplest path is so hard to find.

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