Hook Your Audiences by Learning More about Learning Styles

If you read Getting Attention and other blogs on a regular basis, you may be a natural learner. But have you ever stopped to consider how you best learn and retain information? Understanding your learning style is critical for getting the most out of meetings with your boss, conferences in the field and extracting relevant ideas and models from what marketing trends at large.

Even more importantly, understnanding learning styles helps you communicate more effectively with your nonprofit’s target audiences. When mismatches occur between a communicator like you and your audiences, audiences get bored and inattentive. By learning more about learning styles, you can learn to shape your communications to incorporate a balance of visuals and narrative, logic and intuition, and reflections and case studies or actions. When you do, you’re likely to engage more of your readers more of the time.

Take 8 minutes to complete this free online assessment of your own learning style created by researchers at North Carolina State University. Results are generated immediately, along with clear and applied interpretation. Then read this useful summary of learning styles, and put your learning into action by  shaping marketing communications to reach the broad range of learners in your target audiences.

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Nancy Schwartz in Nonprofit Communications, Professional Development | 1 comment

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