How a Small Nonprofit Shaped a Clear, Memorable Brand – Five Steps to Low-Budget Branding for Big Results (Case Study)

The Challenge
Back in 1999, as the millennium loomed, the Coalition for Women’s Economic Development and Global Equality (CWEDGE), faced a serious communications challenge. This nonprofit, dedicated to shaping U.S. policy to benefit poor women worldwide, just wasn’t understood. And that lack of understanding was seriously limiting its impact.

"Not only was the CWEDGE name a mouthful, but some of our target audiences were unclear on what we did," says communications director Anu Palan. "That’s always a challenge with policy work, which is so much more abstract than direct service. But time and time again, vital audiences – such as the grassroots organizations we count on to mobilize lobbying campaigns on pending legislation – would assume that we were direct service providers. Something had to change."

The Solution and Results
Read the complete case study to learn about the innovative and low-cost branding strategy put into action by CWEDGE, now known as Women’s Edge Coalition, and the very positive results its had for this bold nonprofit.

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