How do Nonprofit Communicators Compete for Audiences’ Attention?

carnivalI’m hosting next week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, and would love to have you submit a post on nonprofit marketing.

Here’s the focus —
How do we, as nonprofit communicators, engage audiences who are overloaded with marketing messages and images?

Context: Marketing and communications are everywhere. On steps, windows, tray tables on airplanes. You know the deal – and all that’s in addition to everything else that’s online and offline. Ubiquitous is the only word to describe it.

  • As a result, our audiences are more saturated than ever with data, images.
  • And more skeptical.

How do we:

  • Penetrate the glaze of audience overload when eyes, ears and brains are simply overwhelmed
  • Communicate not only the basics, but the often complex or new ideas necessary for success in nonprofit advocacy and fundraising campaigns, program delivery, etc.
  • Compete with for-profit marketers who have far more resources than we do (how can we be smarter)?

Calling all nonprofit consultants and agencies, as well as marketers working in the for profit world. I’d love you to share any models or case studies, as well as ideas on how we should focus our efforts and dollars. 

I’m looking for your post (either a recent post, or a new one you’ll write for this purpose) on any or all of these topics. And please consider marketing in its broadest sense. as it relates to fundraising, technology, leadership, board development, etc. 

Here’s what to do:            
1. Some time between now and Monday noon, January 29th, load your post, or select one from the recent past that fits the bill.

2. Once you’ve done that, send me your post’s URL (the post permalink, not the blog’s URL) at [email protected] 

3. On the afternoon of Monday, January 29th, I’ll post the carnival.  I’ll comment on, and link to, the most relevant 7 posts submitted. 

Being part of this carnival is a great way to boost traffic and be found by new readers.  The weeks my posts have been in it, I’ve seen a modest but persistent increase in traffic. In addition, I’ve found it refreshing to be pushed by a colleague to think and comment.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort,

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