How Social Media Makes Live Events More Vibrant than Ever

I’m pleased to introduce you to Julia Hartz (at far left) and Tamara Mendelsohn of Eventbrite for Causes. Julia and Tamara focus day in and day out on making events more productive for nonprofits. They are my third guests in a periodic series of posts from other authors, and it’s great to add their perspective to the mix.

“With all the ways to connect online, we’ve increasingly heard the question ‘do you  think live events are dying?’  In fact, we see quite the opposite, and believe that online connections—especially social media—are the catalysts to more live events. Here’s why:

  • In a world where information is delivered at fire hose speed, many nonprofit organizations feel the difficulty of delivering a memorable message.
  • A recent Getting Attention study found that 86% of nonprofits characterize their messages as difficult to remember.
  • It is more and more difficult to cut through the clutter and chatter to create memorable experiences.
  • In response, many nonprofits are bringing it back to the ‘real world’ to make an impact: Gathering people in person to exchange real handshakes and real smiles, leveraging the magic and excitement of events to make their organization’s message more memorable, to put real faces to names, and to inspire people to support their cause.
  • As many orgs see it, throwing a live event may not be as scalable or broad-reaching as an online campaign, but it can be much more meaningful.

To us, social media is the genesis of more live events, not less:

  • Before social media, if you had a niche passion it was difficult — if not impossible — to connect with others sharing the same passion. But that’s precisely what social media is great for: enabling like-minded individuals to connect.
  • Since social media tools enables us to easily discover what causes our friends are supporting and what events they are going to, their causes (because they’re something important to our friends) become relevant to me. Your friend Sheila can easily share her favorite cause’s event through her social network, and those that are interested will dig in.

It’s the power of social media that strengthens live nonprofit events today, enabling causes to come to life in a meaningful and tangible way.”

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