How to Alienate Audiences with Inauthentic PR (Case Study–China’s Olympic PR)

How to Alienate Audiences with Inauthentic PR Case Study--China's Olympic PRTime and time again, China pumps out Olympic-focused stories that are simply unbelievable. But each time another bit of baloney is released, it further reinforces skepticism about the validity of anything cranked out from the Chinese media machine.

The latest tall tale, uncovered yesterday, is China’s substitution of a cute young girl impersonating the actual singer (much less cute, as implied by the quick switch) of a patriotic song at the Olympic opening ceremony. Before that, the Chinese government insisted that the air was clean on opening day; that the haze represented humidity and fog, not pollution.

Even worse than the skepticism these blatant lies generates is the anger sparked in response to being manipulated. Nothing is more disrespectful, more alienating for audiences. DON’T DO IT!

Use China’s missteps as a caution that your nonprofit marketing has be to real, 24/7. When you’re not, it’s all too easy for your base to smell a rat. And when they do, your org’s credibility will be permanently damaged.

Here are stories of a few folks who are authentic. You’ll see why it works, each and every time.

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