How to Create Messages that Motivate Action – Free Discussion – Tues, Dec. 7, Noon Eastern

Please join me tomorrow—Tuesday, December 7—at noon eastern to discuss how to strengthen your taglines and other messages, the key to capturing the attention of potential donors, volunteers, and others.

This week is an exciting one for, as we are poised to release the new Nonprofit Tagline Database with 4,800+ fully-searchable taglines and the 2011 Nonprofit Tagline Report. Register for free access here.

As part of that launch, the folks at the Chronicle of Philanthropy have invited me to discuss how to create powerful taglines with you tomorrow, and I can’t wait. Please join me here tomorrow, Dec 7 at noon eastern.

Crafting an effective tagline is a topic you can’t ignore. But few organizations have taglines that work. Here’s your opportunity to learn how to capitalize on this powerful tool…

Let’s talk taglines on Tuesday, December 7, at noon Eastern. Please bring your tagline questions!

P.S. Register now for free access to the all-news Nonprofit Tagline Database and the 2011 Nonprofit Tagline Report. These tools will inspire and guide you to create messages that connect.

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