How to Defend Your Nonprofit Marketing Budget

How to Defend Your Nonprofit Marketing Budget You know it at home and at work. Times are tough, and probably going to get tougher before they get better.

Even though your marketing challenges are greater than ever, with your audiences' minds focused on other concerns and their budgets stretched by daily living, you're likely to be worried about your marketing budget. And you should be.

Nonprofit management's first response to tough times is often to reduce expenditures across the organization. After all, that's the best way to balance the budget. Every department has to scale back, and marketing is often one of the first targets. Right?

Wrong! Although it may seem right (politically) to accept the decision to slash your budget, it's the wrong move to make. In the long run, accepting a significant budget cut will harm your organization. When a nonprofit cuts marketing, it severs one of the hands that feed it.

Here's how to proactively safeguard your marketing budget, or defend it if its already under attack.

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