How to Do Grand Plan Marketing 90 Days at a Time (Case Study)

I consistently hear from Getting Attention readers, and other colleagues in the field, about how you fear and dislike marketing planning. You should see the number of help emails I receive during planning periods. Thank goodness the timing of nonprofit planning cycles varies.

But don't give up. Sandra Jordan, Director of Communications & Outreach for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has designed a marketing approach that's more approachable, and more realistic.

Jordan brought a traditional approach to communications planning to USAID. But soon after her arrival, it became clear that, due to the ever-changing environment in which USAID works, she had to find a more immediate planning method. So was born Marketing Planning 90 Days at a Time.

Read the full interview to learn how Jordan's fresh take on marketing planning improved USAID's communications impact and results, and can do the same for your nonprofit organization.

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