How to Get Your Annual Report Read Online

How to Get Your Annual Report Read OnlineLet’s see a raise of hands for you nonprofits that publish a PDF download as the Web version of  your annual report. Thought so…way too many.

Remember, PDF’s are just a downloadable/printable version of something you’ve designed for print in most cases. Back to Nonprofit Marketing 101: Most design for print readers doesn’t work online. It’s just like putting on a blindfold.

If you really want audiences to see and digest the report, make it easier for them to do so. Take a cue from the University of Richmond(UR) with it’s new online catalog.

Higher ed marketer Bob Johnson, who brought this great model to my attention, lauds UR for making it easy for catalog readers to find what they want, right from the first page. It’s the equivalent of a table of contents, but in a narrative form that is a better fit with online reading habits while effectively highlighting the key points of entry for students.

Johnson points out UR’s request for feedback right on the home page. To me, this emphasis on feedback show’s how UR values its base (students) — and that comes through to the end-user. In addition, this interactive discussion enables UR to fine-tune the online catalog to work as best as possible for the students,and that’s who it’s for, right?

Think about who your annual report (and other marketing content) is really for, and create an online version that makes them want to dive in.

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