I’m Talking Blogging and Social Media to Sarasota Nonprofits Today — Wish You Were Here

I'm Talking Blogging and Social Media to Sarasota Nonprofits Today -- Wish You Were HereI’m down in Sarasota today, speaking to local nonprofit marketers at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Nonprofit Resource Center’s annual Nonprofit Marketing and PR Forum.

Nothing’s more satisfying than actually being out there with you, so I can hear (in person!) what’s working fabulously, what you’re struggling with and how I can help. I just wish you were here to add to the conversation.

This morning I’m sharing my blogging expertise in a Put Blogging to Work for Your Nonprofit for Timely Conversations, Stronger Relationships and Broader Visibility workshop featuring several nonprofit blog examples in the Sarasota region.

Then, later in the day I’m delivering the closing keynote (always a tough assignment) entitled Nonprofits on the Social Media Journey: Choosing the Path to Productive Experimentation and Stronger Audience Connections. Here’s what I’ll be covering:  As nonprofit leaders, we’re all faced with trying to find our place in a MySpace world. From Facebook to the e-book, twitter to flickr, podcasts to webcasts, the platforms for delivering and expanding your nonprofit’s reach continue to explode. In this practical and informative survey of the Web2.0 world, I’ll point the way for your nonprofit.

What a challenge it was to craft content for this 60-minute keynote. There’s just so much to say about social media that I had to focus, hard, on what’s key for those not yet using these tools to know. Must-understand elements I pinpointed include how to know if/how your nonprofit should be tiptoeing or diving into social media, the range of tools and case studies of how small to medium nonprofits like those in my Sarasota audiences are using social media.

As a matter of fact, I interviewed four nonprofit social media experimenters who have volunteered to serve as mentors for their Sarasota peers interested in stepping into social media. This kind of ad hoc learning community has worked wonderfully in other communities I know. Not a bad idea, right, for ensuring your nonprofit community is comfortable in social media tools (now a key component in the nonprofit communications arsenal), and one you have to understand even if it’s not an ultimate priority for your organization right now.

P.S. Take a look at these case studies featuring social media usage by nonprofits and political campaigns.

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