Invite Your Supporters to Fundraise for Your Organization

Invite Your Supporters to Fundraise for Your OrganizationSuch viral fundraising  or micro philanthropy is just one of the 10 great ways nonprofits can benefit from blogs (their own and others) outlined by blogger supreme Britt Bravo. I’ve shared many of these same ideas, plus a few more, with you in recent posts but not this one, which is brilliant.

Britt points to some of the bloggers (Beth Kanter stands out in my mind) who have raised lots for causes, and the availability of plug-ins that bloggers in your audience can easily add to their blogs. This is a low cost, high potential means of enhancing your fundraising. Make it happen.

Here are a few examples to get you going:

That’s the kind of virus every organization would like to have!

Here’s how to start:

  • Reach out to donors, inviting them to join your fundraising team — featuring the invite in an e-newsletter is a great appraoch
  • Ask those who have a Web site and/or blog to fundraise there
  • Point them to a how to page on your Web site, with links to fundraising tools (such as the Network for Good charity badge, ChipIn and FirstGiving)
  • Ask them to register online (just so you know what the response, and success rate is).

Please share your experiences with supporter fundraisers in the comments field below.

P.S. Now dogs can fundraise too. Just ask Jaspar.

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