It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It (and How You Make Your Audiences Feel) — Nonprofit Leaders, Take Heed

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It (and How You Make Your Audiences Feel) -- Nonprofit Leaders, Take HeedMy mother was right. I’ve noticed it, most clearly when I speak (and if I have to say it myself, I’m a good speaker). I’m invested on what I speak about and in conveying that passion, excited, energetic, moving, making eye contact, expressive). As a result, audiences are definitely engaged.

I’ve realized what a gift this is, and have worked hard to figure out what’s behind it. Believe me, I’m just an average looking, average thinking Jane…so nothing special there. But I have realized that I do know how to do a good read of the audience, and make sure to respond to the vibe (what I feel they feel). That seems to be my secret of success, and one I’ve tried to integrate into less personal communications for client orgs, although it’s much harder to get a read on audience feelings without the face to face. but can be done.

So I was thrilled to read the words of Seth Godin this morning — one of the few marketers who has attained guru status in my book. Seth says the most important rule is: By a factor of three, what you do is not nearly as important as how it makes people feel.

Now listen hard as Seth continues, "so why do you spend almost all your time on the wrong thing?"

Nonprofit leaders, take this to heart.

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