Journalists and Biz Communicators Confirm AP Stylebook Rules

Publicity Hounder and PR Expert Joan Stewart blogged recently on a large-scale survey implemented to pinpoint the style (and style guide) of choice for press releases, reports, business letters and other business communications.

The survey sponsored by the International Association of Business Communicators, found that the Associated Press Stylebook is the source for communicating with the media (and business communicators in general. Over 88% of survey respondents confirmed that if you use any other guide, you’re not making it as easy as possible for media to spread your story.

If you and your communications team don’t have copies, buy them today. Because, as Stewart writes, "The AP stylebook is the journalist’s bible. It includes all the rules
dictating things such as the proper names of government agencies all
over the world, whether certain words should be capitalized or
abbreviated, and the formal names for businesses."

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