Kevin Bacon Wants Your Donors to Work their Connections — Via SixDegrees.Org

Kevin Bacon Wants Your Donors to Work their Connections -- Via SixDegreesOrgAll human beings are connected through relationships with at most six other people.” — Wikipedia

Thanks to Katya Andresen for the heads up on, just launched by Kevin Bacon and friends. Jumping off from the the popularity of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, Bacon, celeb friends and family,  and partners Network for Good, Entertainment Weekly and AOL hope to inspire individuals to motivate their friends and family into online giving. I like it when a drinking game is parlayed into charitable giving.

Clearly Bacon gets giving. And he’s capitalized on relationships with co-celebrities to power the launch. Among those plugging their favorite charities are Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick (NRDC), plus celebs Nicole Kidman (UNIFEM), Ashley Judd (YouthAIDS) and Robert Duvall (Pro Mujer), among others. A real all-star cast.

Now us regular folks are invited to be celebrities for our own causes by joining the Six Degrees movement. Jump on today — what a great tool for your nonprofit’s fundraising.

Here’s how it works–

  • Option 1: Visitors to can find out about a favorite celeb’s charitable work and make online donations to that cause
  • Option 2: Users can easily grab a celebrity
    to add to their blogs, emails, etc. or create their own badge with their own photo or their charity’s logo

    • The badge displays a photo, a short blurb on the
      charity of choice, and a “donate now” button. Plus, donation total to date via that badge.
    • Soon, users will be able to plug badges into other social networking venues like MySpace, Facebook, etc. or email.
    • It’s visually compelling, interactive (with the totals) and personal. It works.

As Andresen comments, “I find it interesting to have had this celeb-extravaganza experience the same day research came out showing celebrities don’t much influence giving, but that…friends and family (do).  Our hope is the site will draw people because of the novelty of the celeb involvement, but that what will engage them is a chance to be a celebrity for their own cause, in their own circles, by asking people to support their own favorite charities. ”

Great idea, great execution, great way for Network for Good to differentiate itself from other online donation folks like Chip In.

P.S. was launched at the Sundance Festival with all accompanying glamour. More here.

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