LAPD Blogs Its Point of View

Take a look at the LAPD’s blog. According to Police Chief William Bratton, the LAPD just launched its blog to to respond directly (who needs a journalist intermediary) to public criticism. I’d say they are way out front with this proactive response which has the potential go beyond crisis communications to build real dialogue.

Don’t get me wrong. Blogging is an effective crisis communications tactic. But remember how much more meaningful those posts will be when your nonprofit blogs regularly on the good, as well as the bad and the ugly. LAPD does a great job of this even in Bratton’s welcome post, where he details recent decreases in crime rate and personalizes the department by including his photo, writing the welcome post and bringing officers to life by mentioning them by name. Very important in building relationships.

The LAPD also does a masterful job of responding to recent criticism. These posts have just the right tone, firm and confident but also honest, admitting that there are problems within the department. No one would believe otherwise.

Great model you have here Chief Bratton.

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