Lead off 2008 with these Nonprofit Marketing Priorities — Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

Lead off 2008 with these Nonprofit Marketing Priorities -- Carnival of Nonprofit ConsultantsAs hostess with the mostess for this week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, I asked fellow bloggers to share the top 3 “to do’s on their 2008 nonprofit marketing agenda.

Here are several recommendations to consider in finalizing your 2008 marketing priorities:

  • Sherri Garrity at Make it Count whittles top priorities down to one — creating a culture of giving: Creating more givers than takers, and giving them fulfilling and rewarding opportunities and experiences.
  • See3‘s Michael Hoffman plans to 1) help nonprofits increase connection with their audiences, via the right tools and the data to prove it works; 2) guide nonprofits to make the best use of video by creating a well-placed message and using video to reach people who respond 3) guide orgs to optimize social media marketing strategies and viral video techniques to create quantifiable action.
  • Kivi Miller at Nonprofit Communications outlines three straightforward but crucial musts for 2008, that are all too frequently overlooked: 1) Use a clean copy of your logo; 2) add easy online giving to your Web site; and 3) ensure all staff and leadership can deliver your elevator pitch.
  • Katya Andresen links Trendwatcher‘s eight top trends for 2008 to nonprofit marketing. Her take on snack culture (quick, cheap, easy to digest bites…of anything) is right on target — “Short, great, snacky stories about specific people are better.  And be sure you have online giving – [Network for Good’s] research shows the #1 reason people like it is it’s easy.  Convenience is king.
  • Fundraising Coach
    Marc Pitman will focus only on what’s a must (for him promoting his new book), continue to experiment with pay-per-click advertising like that on Facebook.com and widget type marketing like ChipIn.com, and automate promotion of his speaking and training offerings.
  • Yours truly outlines “to dos” that need to be at (or near) the top of every nonprofit’s 2008 marketing agenda:
    • Review 2007 marketing impact (now), and shape your 2008 plan accordingly
    • Reinforce your org leadership’s understanding of the value of marketing, and its support for your work.
    • Bury Web 1.0 to fully embrace participatory communications.

What topping your 2008 marketing agenda? Let us know by clicking the comments link below.

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