Let Issue Lab Distribute and Promote Your Nonprofit’s Research–At No Charge

Thanks to IssueLab for closing a huge gap in the nonprofit research landscape. Despite the significant volume of research produced by nonprofits, there’s never been a central online repository of these findings. If your nonprofit is savvy (or lucky) enough, your organization can generate a media hit or two when a paper is released, and/or push traffic to the publications area on your website. But even this rare success is fleeting.

IssueLab is the solution. Launched in 2006, IssueLab is a wide-ranging, searchable and browseable archive of critical publications. It simplifies the process of locating and accessing research and policy analysis materials, including reports, white papers, fact sheets, case studies, data sets and
more. When your nonprofit releases a paper on IssueLab (you can publish it yourself–in print and/or online–at the same time),  it gets attention every time another nonprofit working in the same issue
area posts its research.  And it’s archived for the long term.

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today to begin submitting your nonprofit’s research, both current and historical.

Bonus–you can also subscribe to email alerts on new research publications in your organization’s issue areas.

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