Loyola University Marketing Center Serves Regional Nonprofits

Was I surprised to stumble on the website of the Shawn Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communications at Loyola University in New Orleans. The Center, funded by a Loyola alumna, offers communications students an opportunity to assist nonprofit organizations with advertising and promotional campaigns, providing services as straightforward as flyer design, or as complex as an
integrated communications campaign.

Students work on real projects under faculty supervision and organizations receive help on their advertising and public relations problems. These marketers-in-the-making offer a broad range of services to nonprofit clients, from message development to public education campaigns and branding. And what a win-win.  Not only is the work produced put into use by client organizations, but work by students consistently wins awards at the Ad Club of New Orleans Addy Competition.

Why not research whether a local university or college makes such a service available to regional nonprofits? You’ll benefit the students, and their work will benefit your nonprofit. At the very least, a fresh perspective is always of value.

Read about a Florida university offering student marketing services to local nonprofits.

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