Media Letters Can Outpower Press Releases

I just read about a great strategy to punch up your nonprofit’s media impact…sending media letters rather than press releases in many instances. As publicist B.L. Ochman writes, " Editors don’t need me to write their stories. They need me to point them in the direction of a good story, succinctly give them the facts as I see them, the sources I know and then get out of the way so they can write their own stories. I do those things by writing pitch letters."

Ochman goes on to outline her perspective on why press releases aren’t so valuable, and details these six tips that will help you craft a successful media letter:

  1. Immediately explain why your are writing.
  2. Articulate what makes your story newsworthy.
  3. Summarize your story idea in one to two paragraphs, including story summary as you see it and the role you’d play in assisting the reporter.
  4. Minimize hyperbole.
  5. List three or four topics (related to the story) your spokespeople can address.
  6. Keep it to 350 words or less.

To learn more about writing a media letter that will work, read Ochman’s article, Press Releases are a Colossel Waste of Time: Try Media Letters Instead

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