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So proud of these girls in our town who are pushing back on being blamed for “distracting” boys with their outfits, and getting punished for it. Punishments include having to wear a huge Scarlet Letter-ish “shirt of shame” for the rest of the day, totally covering their bodies.

But I’m thrilled that this group of girls has mobilized to protest this code and punishments. They are utilizing the online communications tools that make now organizing so much easier to build and scale. And they know how to message! Check out the hashtag #iammorethanadistraction.

“They are composing a list of issues to address with the school administration and are organizing a silent protest by wearing #iammorethanadistraction t-shirts. These amazing girls realize that they have the power to break down what appears to be outdated patriarchal mores by speaking up and demanding the equality they deserve,” reports one local dad.

This issue was highlighted big-time by the recent Santa Barbara rampage—as attention has shifted to how the misogyny embedded in our culture leads to violence against women, in numbers that are shocking.

Kudos to our girls—who are joining their sisters across the nation in fighting back. #iammorethanadistraction is a fantastic response.

But our girls are just girls. It’s up to us  adults to push responsibility back where it belongs—on a system and society that normalizes violence against women.

Even better, campaign your school board to stop “blaming and shaming” girls. Thanks!

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Nancy Schwartz in Advocacy | 6 comments

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