How to Shape Messages that Persuade Leaders to Act (Worksheet)

Over the last years, American Rivers has conducted in-depth research with a variety of Chesapeake Bay leaders on their understanding of polluted stormwater runoff and potential solutions, and their response to a variety of messages.  They do great work.

So I was thrilled to find this clear, well-tested message development worksheet American Rivers developed for organizations advocating for better stormwater solutions. This approach is applicable to your message development around any issue, in any region.

The worksheet builds on these three musts for messages that connect:

  1. Start with articulating crystal-clear campaign goals, and defining the audiences you have to persuade to reach them.
  2. Get to know your audiences — their wants, habits, preferences.
  3. Then, and only then, shape messages that focus on the sweet spot where your organization’s wants overlap with your audiences’ wants — think venn diagram.

How do you shape messages that persuade? Please share your strategies here.

 P.S. Messages that connect are a priority for all organizations and the prerequisite for motivating your base to act. Learn how to craft the most essential message — your tagline. Download the Nonprofit Tagline Report and Database for must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 5,000 searchable nonprofit tagline examples!

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