More Ideas from Presidential Hopeful Communications

More Ideas from Presidential Hopeful CommunicationsPut techPresident on your regular reading list. Its the group blog from Micah Sifry (co-founder and executive editor of the Personal Democracy Forum, which covers the ways technology is changing politics) and friends, who provide steady coverage of how the candidates are speaking out. Or, as Sifry puts it, “how the candidates are using the Web, and how the Web is using them.”

Recent posts relevant to your nonprofit’s communications agenda include:

  • The Long Tail of Online Political Video as Sifry wonders if it’s time to draw a distinction between “stuff that is clearly professionally made efforts by PR firms or comedy improv groups looking to promote their own brands (e.g. Obamagirl), and stuff that is more purely voter-generated.”
    • Audience hunger for authenticity is loud and clear. Just cut the b.s.
  • Hilary’s Campaign Just Launched It’s Own News Aggregator Site, Hillary Hub — ala Huffington Post — but All News if Favorable
    • Hillary’s picking up on models from professional sports and corporate world to transcend the traditional news media. Consider doing the same for your issue area.
  • The Ideal Campaign Incorporates On- and Offline Components — 100% Integrated
    • A strong political campaign should “combine online tools with television, direct mail, personal appearances and conventional fundraising”
    • Just as your nonprofit communications strategy should integrate traditional and more innovative strategies, via multiple channels, but all integrated in terms of focus and message.
  • Graphical Analysis of the Candidates MySpace Friends, You Tube Stats,Facebook Supporters, Blog Posts Mentioning the Candidates and more
    • MySpace-wise McCain leads the Republican pack; which surprises me. Paul and Romney lead via other channels.
    • Obama’s way out front Dem-wise across the board. He’s embraced these online, community-based channels, rather than running away from them. Obamagirl’s hit tune has pushed him to the top of the social media hit parade, even if it was created by a comedy team looking for work.
  • “Don’t take that ‘Director of Internet Communications’ job. Take the ‘Director of Communications’ job”
    • Remember, it’s about communications — not the channel, not the technology.

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