More On How Your Nonprofit Can Talk Back to the Media in 2006

Has your nonprofit organization been incorrectly presented in the media? Was the goal or delivery of your new program misunderstood by a local reporter? There is a way to fight back.

I was provoked into devising a way to do so by Katherine Q. Seelye’s recent New York Times’ article on how use of websites and blogs enables news subjects to balance traditional journalism. Most of Seelye’s article details complaints about the way in which subjects of news articles and broadcasts are responding to media coverage of them. She writes that this practice "has led to a very uncivil discourse in which it seems to be O.K. to shout down, discredit, delegitimize and denigrate the people who are reporting stories and to pick at their methodology and ascribe motives to them that are often unfair."

Come on, Ms. Seelye. Should a nonprofit or foundation that’s presented inccurately just roll over and play dead? Read the entire Getting Attention article here for tips on talking back to the media, without destroying your media relationships.

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Nancy Schwartz in Media Relations and Press, Nonprofit Communications | 0 comments

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