Most Nonprofits Not Using Marketing Plan, Want Strategy Help–Getting Attention E-News Survey Results

I was surprised to see that more than 60% of nearly 200 nonprofit communicators responding to the recent Getting Attention e-news survey reported that they do not work from a marketing and communications strategy. Even those who do have a plan, shared the following problems:

  • The plan isn’t followed.
  • There’s no budget.
  • The environment (in which the nonprofit works, or within the organization) has changed dramatically, making the plan irrelevant.
  • Those nonprofit communicators who are "planless" report that they do a lot of talking about creating one, but first need to develop leadership support for the process.

Equally compelling, more than 89% of respondents said that learning more about strategy (why, what, when and how to communicate) was either "important" or "critical" to them.

Readers, I can’t tell you how strongly I believe in the value of a marketing plan to serve as the foundation of your daily work. The right plan is flexible enough to embrace the changes your organization faces on a regular basis yet specific enough to guide ongoing implementation. So do everything you can to start building a strategy today.

Click here to review the complete survey results.

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