Yes to Multichannel BUT Mix Depends on Audience


Blackbaud just released a must-read report—findings from its Next Generation of American Giving study on charitable giving trends and engagement behaviors and attitudes across Matures (68+), Boomers (49-67), Gen X (33-48) and Gen Y (18-32). I recommend you read the entire report and share out your top-ten findings and implications for your org with colleagues and your leadership. It’s too important to miss!

But there are two critical findings I want to share with you a.s.a.p.:

1) It’s more important than ever to get to know your donor base and prospects, use your understanding to shape messages and choose channels, and to keep that understanding fresh.

“The majority of nonprofit marketing spend and tactics are focused on Mature donors,” said Pam Loeb, principal, Edge Research, and chief researcher here. “However, we are starting to see a shift as Boomers become the dominant force in charitable giving and will remain so for quite some time. Now it’s more important than ever for nonprofits to understand their donor base.”

2) Multichannel is the new normal but the ideal mix varies from generation to generation.

No surprise here but a vital reminder—So many of you have told me you feel pushed beyond your limits by the demands of multichannel marketing—that the demands of marketing effectively on more channels than ever, with new ones added regularly, is absolutely overwhelming.

My recommendation—The only strategic (and sane) response here is to make knowing your audiences (now and on an ongoing basis) an absolute priority. It’s the ONLY way to get the insights necessary for right-things, right-now marketing (here’s a marketing plan template that takes you there, step by step), and enables you to pinpoint the right things NOT do in order to do the most important fundraising and marketing things better.

P.S. Note the strategic way that Blackbaud has shared these findings, following their own very good advice! The full report is available at no charge, and supplemented with multiple formats and slices for different audiences, including:

  • One-page cheat sheet for those who are time limited or only mildly-interested (it’s a great hook and I bet it’s pulled many folks into the full report).
  • Animated infographic
  • Slideshow version of the infographic, better for sharing and in-depth digestion, created in response to user requests
  • Press release for folks like me, highlighting key findings.

Kudos to Blackbaud for walking the talk!

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