New Orleans Residents Place Ad to Plead With Congress

Frustrated New Orleans residents have taken matters into their own hands, putting up $10,000 for a full-page ad in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, to plea for stronger levees. As reported by The New York Times, the ad will run Thursday as members of Congress are about to return home for the holidays.

The "Message from Homeless New Orleanians" also reminds legislators that life is not back to normal in New Orleans where many areas remain without electricity or running water. The ad reads "since the breakdown of the New Orleans flood protection system on August 29, 2005, we have lived like refugees in our own country," reads the ad. The residents of Lakeview and other displaced New Orleans communities are sending you this holiday wish in one voice — ‘We want to go home.’ "

The $10,000 ad fee was collected online from Lakeview residents shortly after an October meeting where a common purpose was forged, and strategies defined. Residents have continued to be frustrated by continued delay in rebuilding in New Orleans and lack of responsiveness among legislators in Washington. This strongly-worded ad delivers the message that they feel will get them back home most quickly. Let’s hope it works.

Meanwhile, this is an interesting technique to keep in mind for advocacy initiatives.

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