Nominate Your Organization to Receive Free Communications Capacity Building Support from the SPIN Project

Thanks to a $250,000, two-year grant from the Ford Foundation’s Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom Program, the SPIN Project will provide no-cost services to help develop the strategic communications capacity of key non-profit organizations working to enhance the transparency and accountability of communications and information policymaking in the United States. "It is our sincere hope that this suite of capacity building services will expand the media reform and media justice community’s ability to shape public opinion and inform media policy in America’s communities," said Holly Minch, SPIN Project Director.

SPIN Project’s goals for the strategic communications initiative include:

  • Strengthening the communications skills of media reform and media justice advocates, community organizers and researchers;
  • Strengthening the communications infrastructure and strategic capacity among organizations working to improve electronic media policy in the public interest;
  • Improving the framing, messages and communications strategies employed by advocates, researchers and organizers within the media reform and media justice communities.

To nominate your organization for communications capacity building support, please contact the SPIN Project at [email protected].

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