Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing:
My Dream In Honor of MLK, Jr.

I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream your way to change—not by sleeping or hoping—but by acting to make it real, and motivating others to do the same!

That’s the best way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.—who followed his dream, and motivated us to serve. Consider the influence he and his work still have today, 40 years after he was assassinated.

My dream is to dramatically change how we market our issues for far greater results, and far greater satisfaction for us marketers.

This is right-things, right-now marketing and I see it as the most effective way to move our issues forward! It…

1) Centers supporters at the heart of the organization. They are the only ones who can bring our goals to life. Our issues come next.

2) Requires us to identify, understand, listen and communicate with supporters differently. It’s all about relevance to them, the right thing for right now—these are the new parameters for decision making.

3) Is based on data and other insights (including the good old gut) shared and analyzed throughout the organization.

4) Happens only if we change how we’re working, no matter what it takes.

5) Means we need to throw down the gauntlet, tear down our marketing ivory tower, excite and empower our colleagues to listen, share and reach out—to move supporters more effectively than ever before. Because they care about one of our issues (those are the people you should focus on, plus those who are likely to get there with the right info, insights and stories) and we’re making it clear and easy for them to help.

Forget whether you staff a program, run the teen volunteer program, do back-end accounting or have the word ‘marketing’ in your title, we need to work together to make our supporters’ experience most satisfying. That’s what will move our issues forward.

Bonus: Reduces your workload, increases your confidence that you’re doing the right thing, and sends your satisfaction sky high.

This is the New Nonprofit Marketing! I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

What do you think of my charter for change? Please share your thoughts here.

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