Nonprofit Blog Carnival Wants to Know — What’s Your Dream?

I have the honor of hosting the first Nonprofit Blog Carnival of 2012. And what better topic, as we enter a new year, than your dreams for your organization, cause or the nonprofit community?

The words of Martin Luther King, born on January 15, 1929, tend to set January’s tone for me. I heard my Dad talk about King’s “I Have a Dream” speech — his transformative call for racial equality — from the time I was small. Dad had been deeply moved when he heard King’s words at the March on Washington in the summer of 1963, and that experience contributed to his lifelong involvement in social action.

Now — when many of us are charged up by holiday rest, good times with family and friends, and the opportunity to escape the daily grind mindset — is an ideal time to dream big and do what it takes to bring those dreams to life.

Pick any dream you have — for your cause, organization or the nonprofit sector — and write about it, and how you plan to make it real. Your dream may be about seeing critical progress on the issue closest to your heart, getting the funding it takes for your organization to contribute to its full potential, changing public perception of the issue you work on, or even your dream for the future of your nonprofit or the nonprofit sector.

Want to submit?  Write a blog post or choose a recent post that fits the theme.  Email your post to [email protected] (include the permalink of your post, your name and blog name), or use this submission form.

Submissions are due by the end of the day on Friday, January 27 and I’ll publish the post on Tuesday, January 31. Check back then to see if your post is featured.

BTW, by submitting your post to the blog carnival, you’ll drive new traffic to your blog and help raise its online profile.

I can’t wait to hear about your dreams for this year! Make sure to submit your posts by day end Friday, January 27. Email your post to [email protected] (include the permalink of your post, your name and blog name) or use this submission form.

Make sure to take a look at the trends and predictions for 2012 featured in the December Nonprofit Blog Carnival, compiled by Joann Fritz, Nonprofit Guru at

P.S. What is a Nonprofit Blog Carnival?
It is a monthly round-up of blog posts on topics relevant to the nonprofit community. The host for each month develops a theme then rallies for posts on that topic. Then the host compiles a selection of what’s submitted and publishes them round-up post towards the end of that month.

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